Starlex Multifunctional building on Gunāra Astras Street

Multifunctional building on Gunāra Astras Street

2767 m2

24 Rooms

1 / 2 Floor
12 451 EUR/mēn - 4,5 EUR/m2
Gunāra Astras iela 3a, Purvciems, Rīga
Ernests Vaivods
+371 29411922


High-quality 2-level multifunctional premises for rent at 3a Gunāra Astras Street.

The premises are perfect for both office needs and office / showroom needs.

The 1st floor is 1486.30m2, consisting of showroom, office space, warehouse, office cabinets, bathroom, shower, meeting room.

The 2nd floor is 1315.50m2, which consists of a showroom, office space, large kitchen, bathroom, shower, meeting room.

The premises can be adapted for a shopping center, salon, private practice, etc.

Amenities: own gas heating, bathroom, fire alarm, all communications.

In December 1999. / 2019 were the opinion of the building inspection and inspection by the Construction Inspectorate.

Convenient access for customers, free parking around the house.

The building has low utility costs, as it has its own heating, energy-efficient house, as well as good natural roof window lighting.

Next to the building is a vacant plot of land with a project that is with the property.

The rent is 4.5 EUR / m2 + Management 1 EUR / m2 + utility payments

  • Centrālā apkure
  • Gāzes apkure
  • Autonoma apkure
  • Apsargs un kameras
  • Internets
  • Kondicionieris
  • Signalizācija
  • Mēbelēts
  • Slēdzama kāpņu telpa
  • Industriālais elektrības pieslēgums
  • Elektrības pieslēgums
  • Ūdens pieslēgums


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