Starlex The modern warehouse

The modern warehouse

1144 m2


7 m

Water supply ,
6 292 EUR/mēn - 5,5 EUR/m2
Dzirnieku 18, Pleskodāle-Šampēteris, Rīga
Uldis Kleinovskis
+371 29999367


The modern, heated warehouse Dzirnieku iela, riga, 500 metres away from the Riga Airport.

Gas central heating. Easy access, secure, wide-area video surveillance.

A ceiling height of 6.5 to 7.5 m. Smooth bezputekļu on the floor.

The warehouse equipped with racking system. The 2 ramps. 2 - 0 to the level of the gate.

Available in the store, with a total area of 2550 m2 (including auxiliary premises.

In addition to the high-quality office buildings of the office of 200 to 250 m2.

Also possible to rent half of the warehouse of 1144 m2.

The rental fee of 5.5 Eur/sq.m. (maintenance included in rental fee) + utilities.

  • Gāzes apkure
  • Autonoma apkure
  • Apsargs un kameras
  • Internets
  • Kondicionieris
  • Signalizācija
  • Slēdzama kāpņu telpa
  • Ūdens pieslēgums

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